thermo sense CLOCK

thermo sense CLOCK

The “thermo sense CLOCK” measuring system stores the measured temperature values directly in the probe head. The measuring interval can be freely selected and set using the supplied software.

The simple reading of data works contactless to a USB device, which is directly connected to a computer. The maximum distance to each other is approx. 10m. The included software has the additional purpose to display the measurement data graphically and to save it as a report.

“thermo sense CLOCK” combines solid workmanship with mobility and supports your application if no power or mobile phone connection is available.

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  • Technical Data
    • Memory                         1.000 measurements
    • Battery life                    3.000 measurements
    • Measuring interval      5 min – 240 min
    • Measuring range         -20°C …. +95°C
    • Usage                             autonom



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  • What are the requirements for thermo sense?
    230V power supply, a mobile phone network and of course compost
  • What about the distance between base station and radio probe?
    300m in the open field, 50m indoors
  • What is the possible distance in relation to the distance between the base station and the probe?
    Error-free data transmissions between a probe and a base station of up to 500m have already been achieved. Everything else makes no sense for this power-saving radio technology.
  • Is it possible to use a repeater?
    We originally thought about it, but finally rejected it.
    Solution: Segmentation or division of the areas by several base stations.
  • Can more than one temperature value be recorded in the documentation?
    Yes, it is possible.  With each measurement even three temperature values in the material are recorded automatically. The concept of the probe was deliberately chosen because ventilation is usually also from below.  In addition, the head temperature, i.e. the ambient temperature outside of a rental, is automatically recorded with each measurement in order to be able to better assess the outside conditions.
  • Are there any restrictions for countries outside Europe?
    There are basically no restrictions for our product(s) outside the EU, except for the radio frequency of 868 MHz in South America, which is already reserved there and which is considered prohibited for new products.
    – For Colombia, Brazil and Chile, we have solved the problem in such a way that our probes then transmit the measurement data on a different radio frequency (433 MHz).
  • How will the commissioning be handled?
    You will receive a short instruction, whereby the degree of difficulty is similar to the commissioning of a flashlight:
    unscrew the battery cover –> insert the battery –> screw down the battery cover.
  • Does someone come by and install the system or put it into operation and train it to use?
    We follow a 3-step service with our product:
    – The added value of the measuring system is that the probes and accessories can be put into operation by almost anyone.
    – We are happy to support or accompany you by telephone.
    – Should there ever actually be a problem, we can connect directly to your base station and investigate the cause.
  • How can I place an order?
    The order can be placed at any time by phone or e-mail. You will receive immediate feedback if we have any queries or confirm your order at your earliest convenience.


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